Sims – What They Don’t Know

What they don’t know will probably kill em

[Verse 1]
Something up the cuff
We call their bluff
They call the cops
Here come the shots
Bp bp bp bp up the block
Chuck em in the gutter
And they wonder how the hunger hunts
Propping up a Trump like we won’t pop the trunk and take a chunk
Apocalypse is coming, huh?
Wonder where you running off?
Climbing up the walls
We want it
Fuck your stuff
It’s not enough
How you gonna look at me and tell me you believe this shit?
How we gonna speak when you won’t Google what the edict is?
Forget what the reason is
Killing all the citizens
Chase it with the swill
The bitter pill of willful ignorance
Dumb it down and numb it up
Show you how they run the town
Spread no love and get no love
It’s funny how that comes around

What they don’t know will probably kill em

[Verse 2]
Whole thing playing like a satire
Iron in the water, living in a wildfire
On the news interview with a vampire
Don’t shoot, they cannot put their hands higher
Hello, hello is anyone on the other line?
Echo echo my mind since Rebel Rebel died
Lol yo it’s tugging on my sanity
How gradually the apathy replaced the urgency
Ok ok I get it, guppies wanna megalodon
These puppies sick
I swear there’s something fuckey going on
Treat it like a car alarm, ignore it at all costs
Or let it be the signal of where we all lost
Hurl bricks, sling mud into the whirlwind
Which brings us to the world’s end
Until then me and my girlfriend, laughing at your tiny world
You can be the king, no thing
We’re burning everything

What they don’t know will probably kill em

event_note January 7, 2017

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