Tory Lanez – Nigga Skit Pt. 2 (Chixtape 4 Album)

*Phone ringing*
"Yo whatup" (blows smoke)
Whatup nigga
"Sup Rock"
Fucks you doing?
"Just at the crib nigga, you know"(blows smoke)
Way, way, way…
"Sup with it?"
You know what I mean, just at the crib and shit
I was tryna figure out what happened between you and that girl the other day
"C’mon man you know the kid don’t fucking tell"
*Tory laughs*
Hold on, hold on, lemme get this straight
So you went from Jalissa
"uh huh"
To Keisha
To Keisha’s sister
"I did"
You a fucking savage, thats your problem my nigga thats your fucking problem
You always tryna connect the mufucking dots, date somebody outside the fucking circle
"This nigga bro, man you just watch yours ima watch mine, you feel me?"
You such a mufucking fool man
"You feel?"
You really are
"Why’s that"
Ima let you do what you do, ima watch how you fuck this up
*Tory Laughs*
"Man whatever my nigga"

event_note January 5, 2017

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