Horrible Histories – Natural Selection lyrics

Mmmm yeah.
Mmmm yeah.

[Verse 1]
People thought all animals
Arrived here unrelated
The world began, and then came man
All perfectly created

[Verse 2]
But then someone looked up a tree.
And said “That monkey looks just like me!”
So it really was a mystery
What I’d learned in natural history!

[Verse 3]
So I joined HMS Beagle
Watched the eagle and the seagull
We studied rock and plants
Flowers, trees and bees and ants

[Verse 4]
Slept on hammocks without pillows
Eating rats and armadillos
Till I realised on reflec-tion
It’s natural selection! Yeah!

[Verse 5]
Natural selection means
Each animal evolved
To blend with its surroundings
Ch-ch-changes were involved

[Verse 6]
So birds with different, foods to seek.
Seem to have developed, different beaks.

[Verse 7]
And over time they’d,
So just the fittest
Of them all survived!

[Verse 8]
On the Isles of Galapagos
I noted the giant tortoise
Had interesting shells
And I rode on them as well

[Verse 9]
Iguanas land and swimming
Meant my new theory was winning
It all led in the direction
Of natural selection.

[Verse 10]
My findings went with outrage
From the ch-ch-ch-ch-church of England
And from me.

[Verse 11]
The idea that we came from ch-ch-chimps
Questioned my own Christianity
But it was hard to disagree!

[Verse 12]
Every species new mutation
Had a perfect explanation
It seems the worlds inception
Must predate common perception

[Verse 13]
And if lack of adaptation
Means a fatal limitation
So each creature’s imperfection
Over time gets a correction

[Verse 14]
Meaning animal collections
Grow unique means of protection
And to fail nature’s inspection
Means immediate rejection
Which all leads to the detec-tion
Of natural selection!
Natural selection!

event_note November 15, 2016

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