Leon Russell – Can’t Get Over Losing You

Can I hear the other part too?
Hold on, let me love you
For an hour or so
Tell me what you want to do
Where we go to find it
Cause you love me like a hurricane
And then youre gone with the wind
You treat me every way but good
But youll be sure that Ill be back again
I dont know the answer
Ive prayed about you
I feel so brokenhearted
Cause you aint
You aint here

I can take my little ups and downs and
Fight just like a tiger
When Im caught in a corner
Ive got my back against the wall
I know its all that I can do
To stand and wonder
Why do all those things
That you tell me to?
Whoa-oh, you know
I just cant get over losing you

And the night wind is calling
Out my past history
And its driving me crazy
And the morning sunlight comes
You just dont treat me right
It makes me feel half crazy
Oh, precious Jesus tell me what to do
You know I just cant get over leaving you

And you used to walk down by the ocean
By the hour holding hands and then
Spent our time making love to each other
Trying to build some castles in the sand
Oh I know I got hung up on loves little melody
I love you and you
You just dont seem to love me

I can handle just about any kind of trouble
That might come my way
I can get myself uncovered
When the morning light
Begins to wipe away the day
Oh, precious Jesus whatI gonna do?
I just cant get over losing you

I just cant get overcant get over losing you

event_note November 14, 2016

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