Horrible Histories – I’m A Greek (Parts I And II) lyrics

[Verse 1]
You know the caveman gave us woad
Roman soldiers built the road
Egypt’s pyramids were buildings at their peak

[Verse 2]
But when we talk of great invention
It’s important that we mention
A special race who really were unique

[Verse 3]
Plato and Pythagoras
Both of them did stagger us
Socrates, he showed such great technique

[Verse 4]
Was there ever, ever, ever
Such a bunch of chaps so clever?
If you want to know the answer, ask a Greek!

I’m a Greek, I’m a Greek
We are all so magnifique
We invented sundials, catapaults and bricks
Chic and sleek, so to speak
Our success was not a freak
But working hard was how we got our kicks

[Verse 5]
We created the first siren
And the first soldering iron
The Olympics, well… That was quite a busy week

[Verse 6]
So the next time that you go-go
To the toyshop for a yo-yo
Let them know-know it was thought of by a Greek!

We are Greek, we are Greek
Nowadays you’d call us geek
But in ancient times, people thought of us as tough
Our physique was not weak
‘Cause when people gave us cheek
We invented boxing, and other violent stuff!

[Verse 7]
Fiery flamethrowers for battles
Pinhole cameras, baby rattles
‘Is there nothing they can’t do? ‘ I hear you shriek

[Verse 8]
So next time you take a shower
Or you see a lighthouse tower
Just remember they were thought of by a Greek!

[Verse 9]
Stage acoustics, ancient harps
Music sounds of flats and sharps
Central heating at your doorsteps
Splints, syringes, lamps and forceps
Fire extinguishers, thermometers
Coin dispensers and odometers
Pontoon bridges, pistons, pulleys
Parchment, prisms, puppets, dollies

[Verse 10]
Shock absorbers, charts and maps
We were oh, such brainy chaps!
Anchors, chewing gum, the list does never cease
Spinning tops, the dice, the crane
Do we have to ask again?
Did they come from Spain?
No, they came from Greece!

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