Twisted Insane & Charlie Ray – Dab 2 The Face (feat. Iso) (The Gatekeeper And The Keymaster Album)

[Verse 1: Iso]
I live so la vida loca, off of ‘preme with that weed and coke-uh
So much drink don’t need a coaster nigga I be off with more greed than Oprah
To a bad bitch that’ll clean my rover’s, getting Freddy with me looking like I’m eating oysters
Take another fucking dab and Ima meet Jehovah get to swinging on you niggas like a Wii controller
I take a little bit of this and take a little bit of that and Ima really get to banging on em
I take a bitch up in the back and Ima hit it from the back and niggas really get to hating on em
Nigga they don’t really wanna test it g, I’m like drinking K that’s my recipe
Tweaking like I’m on amphetamines like Mike Epps I’m on everything
Roll it up, take another dab to the face nigga feeling like a nigga take a jab to the face nigga
So much smoke in my god damn lungs, stand up feeling like I got stabbed in the waist, nigga
All you other motherfuckers on that lame shit, ain’t nobody really fucking with the brainsick
People never see me cause I’m always getting faded and I’m rocking with the top up leaving you niggas serrated
Get to trippin’ with a killa we hit a nigga then blast him if we flipping with the venom and send the nigga to Satan
I’m a monster nigga, who wanna bang with the brain Cypress Hill, I’m insane in the brain
My nigga c.ray will go bang on yo brain and Twisted will eat a nigga brain for the gangs nigga

Roll it up, pack it take a dab to the face nigga (x16)

[Verse 2: Twisted Insane]
Roll it up, light it take a dab to the face don’t waste no time I don’t got no patience
The homie told me that he got some new shit that I gotta try out and the shit is ancient
One dab, two dabs just getting started, three dabs four dabs now I’m retarded
Walk up in the store just to get me a swisher, and a little bit of liquor blood I’m still getting carded
Dab runnin’ low, blood I need a new sack, no running around, type of fuck shit is that
I don’t wanna be up in his house on the couch, watching new episodes of orange is the new black
Hate it when i Got the money for some purp trees and I can’t find a motherfucker to serve me fuck
Dabs in the lab dabs in the front room just to top it off he got a couple blunts too
Puff puff pass, gotta go and eat some shrooms, now a nigga sorta feeling like I’m up in a cartoon
I be getting blown you can barely fucking puff, tough, eating on marijuana muffins, rough
I’m on isle 2 with the blunt cheese got the munchies nigga that ain’t sayin’ nothing
When I be in the kitchen I don’t wanna hear you bitching when I take a knife and put it to the stove to get a hit
With a fucking bong, ain’t never wrong I’m smoking every song, put me in the mood to really make some motherfucking shit
Take a two and then you lit, take a dab and you’ll be passing out and waking up and looking in the freezer for the food
Roll it up and pack it take a dab into the face now a niggas on a mission like the motherfucking Krueger

Roll it up, pack it take a dab to the face nigga (x16)

[Verse 3: C.Ray]
Roll it up pack it take a dab to the face eyes lookin’ like I caught a can full of mace
When I ran up in the place with the greenery I seem to be the only way that they can take a stab at the pace
When I slow down trapped in a alternate dimension got me jumping over fences like a nigga on the run
Gone off a dab and i know it that but i don’t ever stop, ma keep it going til it ain’t fun like fuck it
You don’t make a weed song for nothing, up in space like I’m breathing i can function
Puffing magic I’m a dragon with a fire understand that when I fly I’m on a ride for destruction
My brain start ticking and I maim, maul, hit em, with flame ball spitting watch the game fall victim
Now that motherfucker that you can’t call sick a nigga stay tall with a clique and they all killin’
Well versed in the art of being high, sever arteries you oughta be advised
You don’t want to see the part of me I’m nice, only if I gotta lot of weed beside me
Get the blow-torch and a glass in a Porsche and a dab on the floor’s where I’m at
But I prolly get some more when I’m back, the best way to absorb it is that
And I’m looking take it higher than I’ve ever been, smoke a lot I hit the fire with a veteran
Spider in the night, so we fill em full of venom bet you feelin’ the momentum bet you die when I get the pen
Fuck a contact high, take a dab to the face, hit a blunt with a bong or Ima skunk that guy
To a puddle when I’m all outta bud and I don’t wanna do it but you niggas all let it come about

Roll it up, pack it take a dab to the face nigga (x16)

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