DJ Drama – Last Day Lyrics

[Intro: DJ Drama, Jerry Boii]
Baby, I Know you gotta go but
Me, Weezy, DJ &
Ink, bout to make you stay
And Im Boii
Ink teach her a lesson
Right Now
Quality Street Music 2

[Hook: Kid Ink]
Girl im tryna see wassup, girl
Cause i know you wanna have a little fun
I got the spots
We can go on either blocks
I know you would
Shawty, just do your little thing
And im that nigga that will hit
Your ass on your Last Day
So you gotta leave
In December
So today is your last day
But you tryin to go out with that gang
Why dont come over here on my Last Day
Cause you ain’t gotta leave on your
Last day, stay in my mansion, for your
Last day

[Verse 1: Jerry Boii]
Why you going over to Ink
He just going to give you
Tattoos, the girl has me
But she give me an
Attitude, maybe this girl must have the
Flu, maybe she need a tissue
To say achoo! or maybe its me
Rollin in Breezy’s Maserati
We ain’t done hold on
Me & Kid need your number
Drama why didn’t you put Ayo
On the track, Some of yall
Can make a girl deflate
She might even hit first
Base, man this stupid presidential
Race, really Riley, keep Obama in
Office, This Pence & Trump
Have way to much cream cheese
Maybe thats why that girl
Sneezed, go to church
Buy birch, Get A Life
JBOII, Bizzy!

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