Czarface – All In Together Now (A Fistful Of Peril Album)

[Verse 1: Inspectah Deck]
I don’t do it like everyone else
Check our pro, boy
The flow grab your soul like the devil himself
Always knew that I was headed for wealth
Young gun salute, the triple O, so the presence is felt
And this is for my diehard day ones
Who came from the same place I came from
Where you get your name from?
I earn my stripes, I write that
E, turn the flame type of shit that will burn for life, yeah
It’s levels to this here, your’s under mine
Cool J with the flow, ladies love the shine
I’m hotter than Sudan in the summertime
Verbal mind, now you must be out your fucking mind
Right, living it up, make the honnies hot
Boss, I listen up when the money talk
And never paid a thought to the dummy talk
Funny talk, that’s hating what you love me for

[Hook: Inspectah Deck]
All in together now
All in together now
All in together now
All in together now

[Verse 2: Esoteric]
You lack the minerals and vitamins native to my environment
I’m on the new level, true rebel, vibin’ it
I’m loyal, I’m royal, and boy, it’s a requirement
I’m more savage than below average, you don’t have it
New wins for the team, and that’s a no [?]
Pro status don’t met us, but crack your whole carriage
And I’m allowing the proud legally swing
The crown that I wear’s a cow beef with the king
I’m technologically advanced, leaving a slang
Genius intellect, flexing on the demons to cling
I’m daily deadly, but I don’t know who gave it away
It’s safe to say that it’s my victims, pray for my prey
Something is ain’t fun, the work is A1
I had a dangerous name since day one like James Gunn
But I ain’t licking wounds, cause I know where the pain’s from
So if you need a pic, you just allow me to paint one

[Hook: Inspectah Deck]
All in together now
All in together now
All in together now
All in together now

event_note November 7, 2016

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