Sean Paul – Crick Neck ft. Chi Ching Ching Lyrics

Yow Sean Paul
Yow Chi Ching
Da one yah a fi the girls dem
Yow Chimney

(Verse 1)
Come and a talk bout you fitness, fitness, fitness, fitness
Man a pull up a you yard like a Jehovah Witness, witness, witness, witness
Inna you likkle tight shorts and a show off you thickness, thickness, thickness, thickness
Every man weh a pass seh you have dem a crickneck, crickneck, crickneck, crickneck
Crick neck

My girl just whine up you body
how off you self
Fulljoy the vibes
And get reckless
Get bruk vibe, shake up you chest
Inevitable that you a go enjoy yourself

Girls bubbling ma champagne
Bubbling ma boss
This pretty girl put a bubble in ma heart

Get burk vibes, shake up you chest
Inevitable that you a go enjoy yourself
Crickneck, crickneck, crickneck

(Verse 2)
The way how shi a whine husband a left wife
A gyal buss a slick mi seh Jesus Christ
Mi get a new gyal tonight a fi mi choice
Mi hear gyal a sell mi seh whats the price

Wait deh think a the kyrapractor
Mi neck feel like she mi need a doctor
The gyal just pass and is like it fracture
Body strong like a tractor

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

event_note September 30, 2016

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